Sustainable Development

We have developed a long-term sustainable development program consisting of three components:

  • Social responsibility,
  • Environmental responsibility,
  • Interaction with business communities.

Social responsibility.

We fulfill the obligations developed in the communication process, both to our partners and to our employees.

Responsibility to consumers implies the supply and production of quality and safe packaging, satisfaction of the needs at the highest level, reasonable prices and observance of the rights of our clients.

The main capital of our company is people, a cohesive and friendly team of like-minded professionals, united by a common goal and a common desire to work in the organization and for the benefit of society. Fair relations with employees, the formation of friendly relations in the team, opportunities for professional growth, the provision of safe working conditions and the absence of discrimination make work in our company as comfortable as possible.

Environmental responsibility.

Implementation of the environmental responsibility of ECO GAP company is connected with a set of environmental measures. We strive to ensure that our activities have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

In our activities, in the development of projects and their implementation, we take into account environmental, economic and nature-preserving aspects, along with traditional financial and economic parameters.

Presence on the market of modern eco-friendly and at the same time economically profitable solutions opens up new prospects for business expansion, implementation of new projects, introduction of innovative technologies.

Interaction with business communities.

Our goal is to achieve leading financial and production indicators in the market.

We cooperate only with reliable and proven companies. Building honest long-term and mutually beneficial relations is one of the main principles of our work.

Implementation of adequate procedures for prevention of corruption and control of compliance with them by company employees; conduct of activities based on principles of fair competition; improvement of the system protecting sensitive data from misuse and disclosure – all of this and many other principles help us keep the status of a highly professional company corresponding to the world’s leading standards.