Our own modern production

Aluminum trays and containers of ECO GAP company are produced on fully automated forming equipment using modern methods of calculation of the released batch of products and control of the quality of each individual container.

Production of paper cups

  • A fleet of high-performance equipment for production of single-layer and double-layer paper cups
  • Lines of equipment for production of cups with hot stamping of the second wall


Single-layer and double-layer paper cups of our company are produced on high-speed equipment with the use of optical product quality control system, allowing to control the presence of defects in each produced cup.

Our own printing house

  • Wide-format flexographic printing machine
  • Design studio


We print on paper cups and baking forms with water-based paints, odorless and harmless to humans, using up to 5 colors at the same time. The technologies used by us correspond to the latest industry trends, moreover, we actively introduce into production such unique solutions as thermal paint printing, 3D textures, Soft Touch coating and others.

Modern laboratory

  • Our own testing laboratory
  • Hourly quality control of products


The production has its own testing laboratory, which employs highly qualified specialists. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, the quality control of products is carried out hourly and affects all stages of the technological process from the supply of raw materials to the formation of transport packagings, including inspection of finished products.